Meet the creative minds behind Tobey Events, dedicated to crafting unforgettable and luxurious wedding experiences.

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Tobey Events stands at the forefront of luxury wedding planning and design, curating extraordinary experiences worldwide.


Jana Tobey, the visionary behind Tobey Events, brings over a decade of expertise in transforming wedding dreams into stunning realities. Her background in hospitality, starting with the esteemed Ritz-Carlton, and her innovative design skills make her the heart and soul of our unforgettable celebrations.

Meet Jana Tobey. Creator, founder—obsessed with all things design.

about Tobey Events

At Tobey Events, our signature work exemplifies the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that define our weddings. Each celebration, from intimate elopements to grand affairs, is thoughtfully curated to reflect the unique love stories of our clients. Our portfolio showcases a range of breathtaking destinations, from the serene beaches of Florida to enchanting overseas locales. Every event is a testament to our commitment to elegance, sophistication, and personalized design. Discover how we transform visions into reality with stunning florals, exquisite decor, and unforgettable moments. Explore our signature work and experience the magic that sets Tobey Events apart.

signature work

At Tobey Events, we dive deeper into our core values of elegance, authenticity, and meticulous design. We are dedicated to creating bespoke weddings that reflect the unique love stories of our clients. Our signature services include personalized planning, innovative design, and seamless execution, ensuring every detail is flawless.

From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, each event is a masterpiece. Explore our portfolio to discover how we transform dreams into breathtaking realities, and experience the unparalleled sophistication that defines Tobey Events.

At Tobey Events, we believe in crafting curated experiences that embrace authenticity and the art of thoughtful event design and planning.

"Jana's visionary expertise and innovative design transformed our dream wedding into a breathtaking reality, surpassing all our expectations with impeccable execution and extraordinary attention to detail."

"From conceptualization to execution, Tobey Events elevated our wedding weekend to new heights of perfection, blending creativity with seamless organization for an utterly unique and stress-free celebration." 

"Jana's unparalleled experience and meticulous attention to detail turned our daughter's wedding into a beautiful, fun, and stress-free affair, far exceeding our highest expectations." 

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Elegance / Innovation / Sophistication / Bespoke / Glamour / Perfection / Detail / Exclusivity / Craftsmanship / Timeless.


Join us in exploring the elegance of bespoke celebrations, refined design, and unforgettable moments.